My Writing Quirks: or, why I write in English, and why I write in Longhand

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I am a quirky person. Most of the things in which I engage, are done with my particular way of doing them , and my writing is no exception.

For instance, when I get an idea for a story, it usually starts with a romantic scene, sometimes proposal scene, and sometime an… erm… erotic scene. My characters pop in my head, saying sweet nothings to each other. Then, I start building the story around it. Who are these people? How did they get here? Why are they in love with each other? Which time period?

And here we come to the reason (or, rather, one of the reasons) why I write in English, though  it isn’t my native tongue

Apart for being a staunch anglophile, and loving the English language (more on this in another post, perhaps) the characters simply talk in my head in English. (I’m not crazy, I’m a writer! And since I’m also a mental health social worker, I can vouch for that.)

Also, I must say, they tend to use “my lord, my lady ” with each other, and that works best in  English

?Right, so we settled that. And why do I write longhand

Well, Longhand Readers, your blogger here is technologically impaired. Meaning, I’m a very very slow typist. It hinders my creative process. So, I write in pen and paper, and then type what I wrote, when the story is finished. This helps me notice things that need to be edited, and it forces me to pay attention to what I write, as I need to put it down as accurately as .possible


So, now you know

?What are your writing quirks, Longhand Readers

Farewell for now, Longhand Readers


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